Friday, December 30, 2011

7 Quick Takes

--- 1 ---

I was going to write a whole blog on this, but you'll probably appreciate the super short version. My favorite thing I got for Christmas that I had asked for was Piggy Paint . It originally started out as non-toxic eco-friendly nail polish for kids. It's low odor and not made up of all the scary stuff normal nail polish is, so perfect for kids right? Well, hey, adults like that too! So luckily they made a line called "Refined" for women. My mom got it for me and so far I love it! I followed the directions to a T, which included using a blow dryer like 4 times, but I swear it didn't take that long and the polish is pretty, shiny, and holding up really well! I rarely paint my finger nails but love keeping my toe nails polished, so I'm excited to have this! I will definitely get the kiddy set one day in the future if I have a little girl! Crunchy yes, but frugal no so I'm glad I asked for it as a gift!

--- 2 ---
So I told Steven not to get me any candy this Christmas and asked my mom to get me a just a little bit. They both did well... but my future mother-in-law bought me two gigantic bags of Lindor Truffles (only my favorite candy ever and probably the most caloric!). It was really sweet of her but really bad for me who has alterations on the 7th! I am adding some intensity to my daily walking routine, but I am thinking the dress will be a smidge tight still since I won't really have had time to 'recover' from the holidays. It fit perfectly at Thanksgiving.... sigh.

--- 3 ---

My cat's favorite place to sleep is under the Christmas tree. This is my first year leaving decorations up until the Epiphany, and I think she is super happy about it. She curls up in a ball and snores loudly for hours. I'm going to feel really guilty when it's time to un-decorate!

--- 4 ---

I have 5 more days until I go back to work next Tuesday. Somehow the stay-cation part of being off has gotten crazy busy. Today we got home around 1pm and I cleaned the kitchen, unpacked our bags, and did laundry while Steven went to work. Left on the to do list? Get my oil changed, tires rotated, mail sent to my sister, send a fax, exchange a book that I got 2 of, exchange a pair of pants I bought a few weeks ago, finish and review a book for this blog, do the grocery shopping, go to the bank, and restock our freezer with cookies, muffins, and pizza pockets. I'm tired just thinking about it!

--- 5 ---

The greenway system in Raleigh is SO amazing. It's really long and it goes right behind our apartment complex. We are lucky because it branches off in like 6 different directions right where we live so there is SO much to explore. So far we've only gone on two of the 'branches' and not more than a mile each way probably. I can't wait to explore it more! I only turned around tonight because I was alone and it was getting really dark.

--- 6 ---

I wish I was one of those people who loved exercising. Even if I enjoy it while I'm doing it, or I'm glad I did it afterwards, I still dread it when I have it planned and generally put it off at least 30 minutes before I guilt myself into it. If I looked forward to it, it would make my life so much easier!

--- 7 ---
Steven is so sweet. He checked the clearance at his store to see if there were any nutcrackers left so he could add it to my collection (for a fraction of the original price- love his frugal nature!). There weren't any so he called a friend at another store who said his store also sold out, but that he was stopping by a 3rd store on the way home. Steven asked him to check and see if there were some there and he would pay him back. I woke up this morning to a new nutcracker, this one with a red jacket, crown with jewels, and playing the drum! Adding another Christmas decoration is helping me to remember that Christmas has only just begun!

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  1. There isn't room for my cats to sleep under the tree as that is where the train and 3 kings are hanging out right now. But there are ORNAMENTS all over the floor so I have a feeling they've been over there. My cat that went missing and came back LOVES to sleep on these 2 rocking chairs we have. We're really bad about putting stuff on the chairs and he gets MAD when you do that and will cry and annoy you till you take the stuff off. Cats are so funny.

    7 - I AM DYING to start a christmas house collection. My cousin said she gets a new house when they go on clearance every year. Hopefully one year I'll be able to afford to start it one year :)

  2. 2- Don't stress to much about the fit! Most brides drop a couple pounds right before the wedding because of stress. You'll look great either way though. :)

    7- What a sweetheart!

    Hope you have a very happy New Year!

  3. #2: i echo katie -- i actually dropped some weight before mine. there are also all the corsets and stuff that go under it to help with fit. enjoy your lindt stuff in moderation!