Friday, December 9, 2011

7 Quick Takes- Photo Edition

I thought that, since my blog is relatively new, I'd use this week's quick takes to post some photos. When I'm writing an entry, I always think that blogs with photos are more interesting, but then am too lazy to search out a photo and add it. So here ya go!

--- 1 ---

This is my family of origin. It's not that recent (it was taken at my MSW graduation in 2009) but we all look the same, plus or minus about 20 lbs... plus for me. My brother, Adam, is the oldest, followed by my sister, Rachel, and then me, Stacy. I'm 2nd from the left for those of you who don't know me.

--- 2 ---

This is Steven, my handsome husband to be, and myself. We got Groupon engagement photos done (because my frugal side could not bear to pay full price, but  my sentimental side really wanted the pictures done), which was one of the worst experiences ever, but at least the photos look good!

--- 3 ---
This is me outside of the Biltmore House in Asheville, NC on January 21, 2011. About 10 minutes after this, right before entering the house, Steven got down on one knee in front of the lion statue and asked me to marry him. *Swoon* I love this picture because I was totally clueless and he was so calm. I had NO idea it was going to happen because he was so himself. I always imagined I would be tipped off because he'd be uptight/nervous/etc. I love that I was taken by surprise!

--- 4 ---

This is my daughter, Buttercup. Yes, I'm one of those people who treats their cat like a baby. It's disgusting, I freely admit, but that doesn't stop me from treating her like a human. At least I quit putting her in shirts and dresses.... I got her from a shelter in 2007 when I was finally moving into a pet friendly apartment and had drooled over persians for a few years by that point. She was overbred; hence the tongue which is out most of the time. She is the sweetest thing in the whole world and I can't imagine what prompted someone to give her up after having her for 5 years! Their loss is my gain. Steven is wrapped around her paw.
--- 5 ---
This is one of my favorite places in Raleigh. It's near downtown and I take every excuse to drive by it. I have a picture of me sitting on the porch railing, which is cool because it shows just how massive the house is in comparison, but I can't find it. It belonged to a family who willed it to their hermit daughter, who lived in it until she was forced out because she had no heat, electricity, etc. That part is really sad, but I'm glad they have at least somewhat preserved it. I do wish they'd use it for something because the inside looks like it has seen better days. For example, they could turn it into a place to rent out for weddings/receptions. We have quite a few cool, old buildings in Raleigh owned by the city and used for that. I would love to see this place get used! Raleigh has more cool, old houses than anywhere I've ever lived.

--- 6 ---

It's humble, but I love our little advent set up. We are absolutely loving our advent calendar! We put slips of papers in each box with an activity to do together for that day. So far we've done things like go for a late night drive, read by the lights of the Christmas tree, do a marriage prep lesson in our workbook, watch a Christmas movie, and walk the mall to see the Christmas decorations. We're having a ton of fun with it! It's also been really cool having an advent wreath at home, which I've never had before. It makes dinner feel more fancy to have candle light and I enjoy marking the weeks of advent by lighting a new candle.

--- 7 ---
Our* home with Christmas decorations! We live in a townhome style apartment, which we love (though the walls are a bit thin and the baby in the unit beside us is a wee bit fussy!). We love having an upstairs and downstairs, and windows at the front AND back of the unit.... it makes it feel unapartment like and homey! I also love our farmer's market wreath, because I've never had a REAL wreath before! Plus, gotta love supporting the local farmers!

*If you wonder why this is OUR home and not MY home, please check out this long winded post for why followed by this long winded post for the challenges it has presented.

Happy Friday!!

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  1. Great photos, Stacy! Nice to meet you! My sister (30 yrs old) has PCOS too. We also treat our cat like one of our kids (we have five sons). I'm an NFP teacher and Catholic author who promotes Theology of the Body and NFP through my novels. God bless...

  2. I just found your blog from 7 Quick Takes! Awesome Blog! I look forward to reading more about your frugality. I touch on frugality a little bit on my blog but it's mostly about catholic stuff and couponing.

    We're crazy cat people too. I LOVE Theology of the Body and wish it was taught in every program but alas it isn't. I'm trying to learn more about NFP and such on my own so when I do meet someone and get married I'm not totally blindsided by different things.

    Hope you will stop by my blog :)

    Beth Anne

  3. My cats were my practice for having kids. :)

  4. 4- I'm a crazy dog lady so I totally understand. Also, good for you for rescuing your cat. There are so many perfect pets just waiting to be adopted in shelters, thanks for taking one home. :)