Friday, November 25, 2011

Blogging Platforms

This is so silly, but sometimes I feel bad for "abandoning" xanga, which is where I blogged for 8 years (and still do sporatically due to guilt of leaving something I kept that long). But I often get reminders of why I left... or you know, am very slowly leaving, and today was no exception. On the front page of xanga, there are about 12 entries that flash across the screen, 4 at a time and all with a picture. Sometimes they are really good. There are ones about marriage, families, childbirth, etc. However, they are more often than not super trashy including things like "I cheated. Should I tell?" or "Which (super short, cleavage baring) dress should I wear to the party?". You click on the title/picture and are taken to the entry if you want to read it, but you can't NOT see those small blurbs when you go to xanga. When I just went to check my subscriptions, the one that flashed was "To Cheat or not to Cheat?" followed by "College Candy: 10 Best Places to Hook Up This Thanksgiving". I couldn't have chosen a better time to move to blogger! I love that I come straight to my page when I come here, and only see other pages if I choose to go to them. There's no front page filled with trash and I'm finding that really refreshing! Looks like I will have to add my current xanga subscriptions to Google reader and follow those there.

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