Friday, November 25, 2011

7 Quick Takes

--- 1 ---

So I figured out how to get the template in my post, and I figured out how to schedule my post for a later date. But is there a way for our link to show up on Conversion Diary's page without us having to go over there and manually do it on Friday mornings? I might skip Fridays like today (right after a holiday- prime family time!) if there isn't, so I thought I'd check.

--- 2 ---

So I just figured out Google Reader, which I've never used before. I spent about an hour getting all my favorite blogs to appear on it and then promptly decided that I just don't love it. I get so much more satisfaction from going to my "blogs" favorites folder and individually clicking on all the blogs, than just going to reader and scrolling down the page.

--- 3 ---

I feel a little cheated by the advent calendar I bought from Catholic Gifts and More. It all started at Trader Joe's on Saturday, when I was standing in line at the register. I noticed their 99 cent advent calendars where you pop out the number and get a piece of candy (and was telling Steven no, we could not buy that, we do not need the candy, and we will have our very own nice advent calendar- see? prepping for motherhood!). I realized when looking at it, because the line was particularly long so I was really giving it a once over, that it only has 24 days on it. And then it dawned on me that Advent has more than 24 days. So you can't really start an advent calendar at the beginning of advent. I came home and googled it and read that most advent calendars are secular and actually are just a count down to Christmas from December 1st... not from the beginning of advent, which made me really sad! So I thought surely the one I bought from a Catholic online store wouldn't be secular but... I checked the site and it is. I know it'd be hard because advent probably doesn't have the same number of days each year, but I'd rather a calendar with some drawers that don't get used or something, but can actually begin with advent. I don't like the thought of trying to teach my kids advent when I'm really just teaching them a secular method of counting down to presents. Good thing I have a couple years to come up with a plan. Like maybe the first day we all write the things on slips, the second day we place them in the drawers and the drawers in the tree, etc. But alas, it was a sad realization. (This was a long take.)

--- 4 ---

Does your family have any silly Thanksgiving traditions? One that my family has developed probably over the past 5 years is having a dog show contest. The national dog show comes on after the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade (which we have watched every year for forever). The dog show tradition started in the years that it was just me and my parents for Thanksgiving. We each pick a dog in each category that we think will win, and you get one point every time your chosen dog wins. It's silly but so much fun. I'm pretty sure my mom has won every year we have done it. I don't have great picking skills, and dad usually craps out halfway through the contest so his points don't count lol. I look forward to it now every year.

--- 5 ---

I'm excited to get back to Raleigh on Friday night and decorate with my love! Of course, I'm not wishing away the time with my family at all because we will all be together for Thanksgiving this year, which rarely happens (by all, I mean all 5 of us immediate family members.... it's surprisingly hard to get us all in one place). But I'm also excited for my drive back to Raleigh when I listen to Christmas music until my ears fall off. Then, when I get home, we'll put on even more Christmas music and decorate. My tree is going downstairs and his is going upstairs so it will be very festive!

--- 6 ---

My sister said when she reads my quick takes, sometimes she wants more information and sometimes she feels like I'm just filling space. I informed her that I'm not just filling space... I'm just very good at rambling. And if she or anyone else ever wants to know more about something, all you have to do is comment. Since I'm good at rambling, you know I'll happily expand on any given topic. :)

--- 7 ---
So, I said I was going to try not to overeat this year. But um... I may have ruined that already. (And I'm writing this particular take at 9am on Thanksgiving.) The good news is that we haven't had any really "bad" stuff... so at least I'm overeating fairly healthy things. Yes, that will help me sleep tonight.

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  1. You won the dog contest this year, didn't you?