Friday, November 11, 2011

7 Quick Takes

I've been reading 7 Quick Takes over at Conversion Diary for a few months now, and it's fascinating to me how random things about random people can be so interesting! Sometimes I will click on a few of the other entries on her post, and I've found some blogs that I enjoy following just by reading their 7 Quick Takes. I wonder if everyone thinks theirs is boring, and other people end up finding it fun to read? That's how I'm feeling as a Quick takes newbie!

1. I am BEYOND excited about our engagement retreat this weekend. For a year now, I have pointed at the Marriage Encounter blurbs in the bulletin when they come around and I tell Steven every time (even multiple weeks in a row- literally every time I see it!) that I want to go to those when we are married. So, even though I don't think this retreat has the technical "Engagement Encounter" name, I am super excited to get a taste of couples' retreats.

2. I'm really hoping since we opted for the weekend over the day, they will fully cover NFP versus just the intro. I have read all about it, but I'd like an actual in-person class about it. Of course, I can always seek it out if they don't provide it. There is a parish in Wake Forest where almost all the women use NFP so I will probably contact them (there has to be someone who has PCOS and does NFP).

3. In my 'about me', I neglected to mention my cat. She has made me a crazy cat lady (not due to # because I only have one, but due to the abnormal amount I talk about her and love her lol). Her name is Buttercup and she is a feisty, cuddly, skinny 9 year old persian. The fluff is deceiving, but I struggle to keep her at 6 lbs! She was overbred, so her tongue sticks at about 85% of the time, and sometimes this one little snaggletooth on the bottom is visible. My fiance, Steven, is completely wrapped around her paw. (I am too, but that's to be expected.) I got her from a shelter in 2007.

4. I might have convinced Steven to try no-poo with me. I say might because he didn't shoot it down, but didn't rush to throw his shampoo away either. I think I'm going to wait until after the wedding because I have very fine hair that is going to be really unhappy with the transition and, let's face it, I've got enough going on right now. But between now and then I want to find a homemade shampoo recipe that I can use while I wean myself off of shampoo and onto baking soda. I just can't go cold turkey because I will be the biggest greaseball you've ever seen. I'm sure the best way to convince everyone around me to NOT no-poo is to be super greasy for a month!

5. I used to think reusing ziploc bags was extreme. I guess I'm extreme. It seems silly, though, to throw away ziploc bags when they've held something that didn't dirty them up at all. Ideally, I will get totally away from ziploc bags, but until I get enough reusable baggies for Christmas or birthdays (cough...hint... cough) I will still use them as needed. But I figure reusing them is better than nothing. I also have to find a better storage system for the freezer. If I put stuff in containers, I end up losing them for months to freezer storage. But if I put stuff in gallon size ziploc bags, I feel guilty. We are registering for 2 sets of glass rubbermaid containers so hopefully that will help.

6. Are quick takes supposed to be this long? Nothing about this feels quick (especially since it took me two sittings to finish.) I think I've missed the point. Better luck next time?

7. I have the option to work from home, which I don't do too often because I get more done at the office. But sometimes, I just have no desire to get dressed and traipse into the office, answer the never ending ringing phone, and have to say hi to everyone who comes by. When I hermit at home, I get way less calls (because my work cell phone is for emergencies, and at least 10% of people respect that lol), can work in my jammies, and I can watch tv while I work. Or you know, finish my Quick Takes. Anyways, my favorite part about working from home is having my cat sleep on the couch beside me with her tongue out further than is normal even for her. It puts me in a good mood. Now... back to work.

Bonus (or not, once you read it): I can't yet figure out how to link back to Conversion Diary's 7 Quick Takes, so just check out :).

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