Friday, October 14, 2016

Clare Sophia: 7 Months

Weight: Guessing 18 lbs because 12m clothes (which start at 20) are just the tiniest big on her, and some of her 6-9mo clothes are just a bit small on her. 

Height: I meant to measure her today and totally forgot!! 

Medical issues: I thought Clare was allergic to mandarin oranges (and maybe she is), but what started as, I thought, a food allergy diaper rash became a full blown yeast rash complete with skin break down :(. Rashy babies are the saddest! However, a week or so of lotrimin and desitin, and it's gone! Other than that, she's been doing great. 

Sleep: Clare is going through a developmental leap and possibly teething, so her sleep has been very messed up. She's taking more naps than usual (4-5 a day!), and waking up a ton between our bed time and hers. *yawn*

Clothes/diaper size: Some 6-9 months and some *sniff sniff* 12 months!!! Size 3 diapers but I will switch her to 4 as soon as we run out. Her 2.5 yo 90th% sister is in a 5 lol! Soon they may be sharing. 

Likes: She still loves spoons! Clare likes taking things in and out of boxes/bins. She enjoys baby teething biscuits, bell peppers, and slices of fruit. Clare of course enjoys nursing and cuddles. She likes walks in the stroller and watching bigger kids play. 

Dislikes: She doesn't like her sister man-handling her which, of course, I can understand. Clare doesn't like being worn unless we're on the go or she's sleepy. She doesn't like when we go to a different room. 

Nicknames: Clare Bear, Chunk

Milestones: She is trying SO HARD to get into the crawling position! Clare will be sitting and then push her top half forward with one leg in place, but the other leg stays stuck under her. I am nowhere near ready for a 2nd mobile child so I'm hoping it takes her a while to figure out. She's learning object permanence so she's sad when I walk away, but she happily plays on the floor much longer than she used to as long as I'm in the room. 

I don't want to forget this: 

The other day Steven took Clare out to run errands. He really enjoys being out with her, and has done it quite a bit recently. After one particularly long jaunt, he came walking in the kitchen with her, she smiled huge and I swear signed "nursie". I died of cute and of course fulfilled her request right away. 

Every time Clare wakes up, I know she's up for the day/til the next nap because she coos in the sweetest voice. She doesn't do it if she wants to go back to sleep. 

Clare has started to snuggle on me and it is THE BEST. She will put her arms against mine and lay her head right down on my chest. Pretty sure it will never get old!!!

*Blogger will not let me upload a picture right now :(. Major sad face. I'll try again later!*

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Clare Sophia: 6 months!!!!

My baby is half a year old already!!!! This past month has been especially fun and exciting, but slow down, sweet baby!

Weight: 16 lbs 12.5 oz as of a week ago

Height: 26 inches as of a week ago... she's "tall" compared to Felicity at 60th percentile!

Medical issues: the reason I have such accurate weights before our well check is that we had to go last week for a persistent rash. It started under her neck at the beach, so I assumed it was heat rash. Well, two weeks went by and it was still there plus she broke out in a full body rash. It didn't seem to bother her but it was bothering me! The NP determined it was an allergic reaction of some sort, but we couldn't exactly figure out to what. Her best guess was that using a different detergent at the beach set something off, so for me to wash clothes in 2 cups of vinegar until it all cycles through and can get out any residue. Otherwise, she said it could be a food allergy from something I'm eating. It's much better now, but not completely gone. We're holding back on starting food with her until we figure out what's going on which is hard because this girl grabs for everything! :)

Sleep: She's starting to take longer naps and has cut down to 3 a day and occasionally even 2 a day. Most days she doesn't need me to lay with her at all for the long one anymore, which is really nice for me since it coincides with Felicity's nap again, so that gives me some "off" time. Although the days she does need me, I really enjoy it because I know they are numbered. She's a sweet little snuggler. At night she is waking up earlier and earlier but she still sleeps well as long as she has free access to nurse, so it works for us for now. She generally goes down between 6:30 and 7:30 and wakes to nurse/get in bed anywhere from 9:30 (when I'm not in bed yet!) to midnight, then nurses a couple more times through the night until she wakes around 6:30. Clare's naps aren't really routine at all yet- sometimes she will take one 90 min after waking up and other times it could be 3-4 hours!- but honestly I think that makes our lives a bit easier because we just do whatever and she naps around our schedule... which is probably why she hasn't developed one of her own lol.

Clothes/diaper size: 6-9 months for clothes and size 3 for diapers

Likes: SPOONS! Spoons are seriously Clare's favorite thing ever. She spends most of our mealtimes gnawing on a spoon. Anytime we go somewhere to eat, I give her a spoon and it usually keeps her happy. She loves her sister laughing, smiling, or bouncing/jumping. Clare likes to be held and loves nursing, of course. She likes almost any baby toy that's put in front of her, and likes swinging at the park.

Dislikes: Oddly, she does not like swinging at home, even though we have the exact same swing at our house as they do at the park! She doesn't like being put down for more than 10 or so minutes, and doesn't like going down for a nap. Clare doesn't like anyone tending to her at night besides mommy (because she wants to nurse!).

Nicknames: Clare Bear, Chunk

Milestones: On August 6th, Clare drank breast milk from a straw sippy. As of about a week ago, she is also accepting it through a regular sippy. She doesn't take more than .5-1oz at a time, but it's enough that I don't have to race against a clock when I leave without her. She also had her first non-family babysitter this month... twice! Our friend Natalie kept her while I dropped consignment stuff off last week (and got her to take a bottle!), and our neighbor Karen kept her Sunday while I went to the consignment sale to shop. She did pretty good both times! Clare started rolling back to front on 9/8, though she doesn't do it often (same with front to back- she did it months ago and now has no interest). I thought it might never happen but Clare started solidly sitting around September 4th. It has changed our lives, haha! She went from a wobbly mess to overnight being able to sit for 20-30 minutes without falling most times. Felicity began sitting 2.5 months earlier, but was wobbly for quite some time, so it's interesting to see her literally master this overnight. As you can see, it's been a big and exciting month for milestones!

I don't want to forget this: So much!!! Right at the end of August, Clare realized that if she looked up in the stroller she could see me. She spent the next few walks with her head craned, gazing up at me. So sweet! She also grew more hair and it's kind of like a faux hawk... thicker and longer down the middle :). Last week, I sat in a chair outside while Felicity pushed Clare in the swing on the swing set. Then we came inside and Felicity watched a show, Clare played on her blanket for almost a half hour, and I read a magazine in peace. It was so nice!!! One of my favorite parts of the day is when I first wake up to Clare kicking and moving. As soon as she wakes up, she wiggles and coos. When she sees me open my eyes, she breaks out in a big smile and her little mouth starts moving all over the place. It's such a fun way to wake up every day!!!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Date Night with Jesus

I really, really love Adoration. Though I struggle through it sometimes (what will I do with an hour of quiet???), I always leave refreshed. My first time at adoration was when I was a teenager. We had it yearly at the youth conference I attended. I had never heard of adoration and didn't know that's what it was. Honestly, I'm not sure how long after that it was that I learned the term and realized that's what I'd been doing... some time in college or maybe even after that?? It wasn't something I was ever exposed to until high school and then it was just a part of the retreat, so there wasn't much conversation about it. But, for me, it was one of the most powerful experiences of my life. I remember standing there as a teen thinking that I hoped that was what heaven was like. I would be surrounded by friends singing praise and worship music and hoping that the moment never ended. For someone with anxiety about eternity, feeling like I never want something to end is a big deal! I also usually got pretty emotional during adoration, which probably isn't unusual being that I was present before Jesus in the flesh, but is fascinating to me now since I didn't really "get" adoration. Even without understanding what I was attending, it was hugely powerful for me. The mixture of emotions, humbled before God's son, feeling unworthy and yet so incredibly loved, and the music flooding me. Man, those were the days :).

Before Felicity was born, Steven and I tried to get to adoration every month or every other month. Thankfully there is a church about 20 or so minutes away that has perpetual adoration, so we could work it into date nights, which was always nice. Since Felicity was born, I'm not sure that I've been at all! Though clearly the point of adoration is being before Jesus in the sacrament, I struggled with the silence of "grown up adoration". I would pray a rosary or bring my Bible or other spiritual reading and, every now and again, attempt to just sit and be open. I struggled with that part the most. Anyway, imagine my delight when I saw a friend post something about a praise and worship holy hour at a church near me!!! I immediately let Steven know I wanted to go (meaning he would be on bed time duty for the girls) and made plans to do so. It was last night and it was everything I hoped it would be! The musician had a beautiful, almost Adele-like voice. The priest was young and so full of life (welcoming the small children who have no clue how to be reverent and were laughing and playing at the foot of the altar), and had great reflections for us. The incense, the monstrance, the prayers, the music... it was exactly that feeling I used to get at the youth conferences in high school. There was only 10 minutes of silence in the whole hour which was just enough. I did struggle to get my rosary prayed because I knew all but one song and couldn't pray while also singing along (I mean, I was praying by singing... but couldn't pray the rosary!), but I was able to get it finished and then just let the music wash over me. I think it was actually better than it was as a teenager because my life doesn't include optional periods of quiet/still/darkness anymore. The church was dark except for some candles, and very quiet besides the guitar and singing, and that both relaxed and energized me. It's a welcome break to the loud chaos of parenthood! Thankfully the priest said he is planning on doing this monthly. And though my husband likes adoration, praise and worship is not his thing, so this is all mine :).