Saturday, May 14, 2016

Clare Sophia: Two Months

And.... time continues to fly. Two months! My baby still seems so tiny but also growing incredibly fast. She's chunking up, getting really strong, and beginning to show more of her personality. Clare is such a sweet baby! But aren't they all? :)

Weight: I weighed her on our home scale the other day and she seemed to be about 10.6lbs. Her appointment isn't until the 27th so I don't know for sure.

Height: Not even going to try to guess!

Medical issues: Thrush. Always thrush. We've done about every treatment under the sun except gentian violet, since there's now a possible connection with oral cancer. But that's next because I'm OVER it!

Sleep: Clare is a bit easier to get down during the day now that I'm learning her. If we're out, she goes to sleep easily. At home she's more work and sometimes prefers to be put in the rock and play vs me trying to rock or nurse her down. Although you never know if that's going to work until you try it! She likes to nurse to sleep at night. Though she sleeps really well over night (1-3 wake ups to eat but she eats while we doze and doesn't cry at all), she struggles to stay asleep between when she goes down and we come in. Felicity did that, too, but not until she was much older!

Clothes/diaper size: 0-3 in clothes and size 1 in diapers but I'm wondering if she's getting close to needing a size 2. Her legs, though they're getting chunkier, are proportionally smaller than her tummy so her tummy almost needs a bigger size while her legs would drown in them.

Likes: nursing, being sat up, smiling, seeing her sister and her mommy, classical music (I kind of love this!), being outside

Dislikes: being laid back, being put down, her swing for more than 5-10 minutes

Nicknames: Pretty sure Clare Bear is it for life! Felicity and our toddler neighbor both think her actual name is Clare Bear :). Felicity says her name is "Clare Bear Cash" and frequently refers to her as "Baby Clare Bear".

Milestones: Clare is definitely holding her head up a lot more! She's tracking items a bit. When she smiles, she coos and "talks" like crazy.

I don't want to forget this: the cooing!!! It melts me every time. We "talk" back and forth and her little noises are just the sweetest. Felicity is still so in love with her. Tonight at church she kept begging to see her, then laughed hysterically that Clare touched her face, and was placing her face against Clare's affectionately. Clare smiles so big when she sees Felicity up close!

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Mother's Day Interview

Happy mothers' day! I'm so blessed to have the title of mother to my two precious girls. I will remind myself of that often today as I take care of my sick toddler and sleep refusing newborn while my husband works a long day :)... If I can remember to do it, I thought it would be fun to do these interviews each year on mothers' day. If we do end up homeschooling, which is the current plan, we won't have teachers to put this together and I've always thought it was a really cute idea! I like seeing how the answers change over time.

I feel like I should throw in there that I really do not prefer "mama". Since that's naturally the word that children learn, we went with it for a while. But for about the past year, I've referred to myself often as "mommy" since that's what I'd rather be called. But for whatever reason, it hasn't stuck and Felicity prefers mama. I'll probably still continue my passive mommy indoctrination regardless! Felicity's part of the sentences below is bolded. I enjoyed hearing her answers!

Mama likes to read books. 
Well, yes, but I do wish I had time to read MY books sometimes. Currently I'm reading a lot of Daniel Tiger and Little Critters lol.

Mama's favorite song is Daniel
From Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. Not really... except for when Felicity sings it <3.

Mama is big years old.

Mama's favorite animal is a elephant.
No, but I do like them!

I like it when mama does noses go boop boop.
We've done this for a while where I "boop" her nose by tapping it, and then we have to boop everyone's nose around us. 

Mama's favorite food is dippy and strawberries.
I like both, though Felicity is the one obsessed with dippy (basically any sauce).

What I love about mama is no I don't like the mama.
Felicity is sick and was crying by this point. She was over it!!

So incredibly blessed to mother these sweet babies!

Friday, April 22, 2016

Clare Sophia: One Month

Such a neglectful mommy I am! Here is Clare's monthly update, over a week late.... The only good thing is I have her actual height and weight since her appointment happened the 18th.

Clare turned 1 month on April 14th! This was also our 4th wedding anniversary :).

Weight: 9 lbs 3 oz. SO different from her sister who had failure to thrive. Clare is putting on about half a pound a week, sometimes a little more. She is gaining so well and we aren't supplementing at all. So this is what it's supposed to be like! She looooves to nurse and any time I get a bit weary, I remind myself how desperately I wanted to breastfeed Felicity without struggles, bottles, pumping, supplementing, and that really helps put it back into perspective for me!

Height: 21.5 inches. She really shot up in the past 2 weeks! Clare has a nice, plump belly with long, thin legs.

Medical issues: The dreaded thrush for weeks now. I dealt with thrush with Felicity, too, and it took us forever to get rid of it. We're currently doing nystatin, Jack Newman's nipple ointment, AND grapefruit seed extract. Next up: Diflucan.

Sleep: this baby sleeps wonderfully at night! She stirs, I nurse her, and we both snooze. She's such a dream. Day time sleep is harder. She goes to sleep and stays to sleep very easily and for a long time when we're out, but struggles to both fall asleep and stay asleep while we're home. This means I don't get much done because she wants to be held all the time. But I'll take the great night sleeping over good napping any day!

Clothes/diaper size: She is just about done with newborn diapers and clothes and moving into 0-3 and size 1 diapers. It's so much fun seeing her wear Felicity's clothes and having old memories be brought back.

Likes: nursing, cuddling with mommy, diaper changes, baths if she is warm

Dislikes: most people who aren't mommy, being put down, the swing or really anywhere that isn't mommy

Nicknames: Clare Bear

Milestones: Is this a thing for 1 month olds? I don't think so. She holds her head up pretty well sometimes.

I don't want to forget this: I definitely don't want to forget what an easy baby she is in case it changes! It's been such a help in me adjusting so well and quickly to having 2 kids. It's a work in progress but I'm amazed at how capable and happy I feel! Her first smiles aren't to be forgotten either. She gives some great big ones just by cooing and smiling at her. It melts my heart every time! I also don't want to forget how much Felicity loves her. She is so excited to see her when she wakes up from naps, runs to check on her if she cries, and kisses and hugs Clare all throughout the day.